Message from the President

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your generous support.

The Bank of Yokohama has been working with urgency on each of the three basic themes of 'Growth', 'Change', and 'Sustainability' in its medium-term management plan launched last April with the aim of transforming itself into a ‘solutions company rooted in the community and chosen as an entity to walk forward with together' in concert with the long-term vision for the Group.

Under 'Growth', we aim to grow together with our customers by further deepening and expanding the solutions business that we have implemented during the previous medium-term management plan. For individual customers, we are working to support affluent lifestyles in the era of 100-year lifetimes by providing solutions tailored to their stages in life and offering tailor-made, one-stop solutions. For corporate customers, in addition to strengthening provision of strategic solutions deeply involved in business, finance, capital, and other management strategies, we are also working to strengthen our overseas solutions business for our customers' local corporations. In light of deregulation, we are also taking on the challenge of strengthening and expanding our business domain through the use of strategic investments and alliances.

Under 'Change', we are pushing forward with reforms to develop human resources and an organizational culture highly motivated to take on challenges and grow in order to transform ourselves into a 'solutions company' amid the growing importance of human capital management. We are supporting autonomous career development of employees more than ever by strengthening re-skilling and introducing the Free Agent system on a trial basis. As for digital transformation initiatives, for individual customers, we are expanding and upgrading non-face-to-face channels through the introduction of the next-generation Hamagin 365 smartphone application and other measures to improve customer convenience and enhance communication. For corporate customers, we are strengthening our digitalization support by providing not only business matching but also digital consulting services to improve efficiency of business processes in collaboration with Hamagin Research Institute and external expert firms.

Under 'Sustainability', we are working to resolve customers' issues in the area of sustainability through engagement and providing sustainable finance and other solutions tailored to the phase of their decarbonization efforts in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable community. In addition, Concordia Financial Group is working on its own decarbonization efforts to become carbon neutral by FY2030. Furthermore, as a regional financial institution, we established the Regional Decarbonization Platform for local public bodies in Kanagawa Prefecture in May last year to promote regional decarbonization.

The Bank of Yokohama will continue to provide services that are useful to customers and exceed their expectations. We look forward to receiving your continued support.

April 2023
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
President and Representative Director

Tatsuya Kataoka