Message from the President

I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your generous support.

The Bank of Yokohama is working apace on the measures set forth under the three basic themes of "Growth," "Change", and "Sustainability" in the medium-term management plan started in April 2022 toward our vision of transformation as a Group into a "solution company rooted in communities and selected as a partner to walk together.” In fiscal 2024, the final year of the medium-term management plan, we will realize the results of the reforms we have implemented so far and steadily achieve the aims of the medium-term management plan, which will lead us to further growth toward our vision.

In the "Growth" initiative, we aim to grow together with our customers by pressing forward with the deepening and expansion of the solution business that we implemented in the previous medium-term management plan. For corporate customers, in addition to providing strategic solutions that are deeply involved in management strategies such as business, finance, and capital, we are also strengthening the provision of the overseas solution business for customers' local corporations. For personal customers, as a lifelong partner, we support our customers’ affluent lifestyles in the age of centenarians by providing optimal solutions for each stage of their lives.. We are also strengthening and expanding business areas through strategic investment and partnerships, taking into account deregulation, etc.

In the "Change" initiative, we are working on human resource development to transform ourselves into a "solution company" and reforming our organizational climate to encourage employees to have greater motivation for taking on new challenges and personal growth, amid the growing importance of human capital management. By reviewing our personnel system and strengthening areas such as re-skilling and internal recruitment based on the Group Human Resource Strategy, we further encourage each employee to have greater motivation for new challenges and personal growth, thereby supporting the independent career growth of employees. Also, in our initiatives towards digital transformation, we are improving convenience for customers through non-face-to-face means such as the smartphone app "Hamagin365" and strengthening communication. For corporate customers, in addition to business matching, we are implementing digital consulting to improve the efficiency of customers' business processes and strengthening our support for their digitalization.

In the "Sustainability" initiative, we are strengthening our engagement with customers to contribute to the realization of sustainable communities, providing solutions such as Sustainable Finance which is tailored to their phase of efforts for decarbonization. We have revised upward our targets for Sustainable Finance and Environmental Field Finance to 4 trillion yen and 2 trillion yen by FY2030, respectively, which is double our initial target. In addition, as Concordia Financial Group, we are moving forward with our own decarbonization initiatives to achieve carbon neutral by FY2030.

In April 2023, the Bank of Yokohama integrated its business with THE KANAGAWA BANK, which is also based in Kanagawa Prefecture. This business integration will contribute to the sustainable development of the Kanagawa Prefecture economy by further enhancing our financial intermediary functions. We look forward to your continued support and look forward to serving you in the future.

April 2024
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.
President and Representative Director

Tatsuya Kataoka