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Message from the President

Kenichi Kawamura President

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to each of you for your continued support to the Bank of Yokohama.

This is Kenichi Kawamura. I have been appointed the role of Representative Director, President.
I have made efforts to be helpful to our customers since I joined the bank in 1982, always keeping in mind what only the Bank of Yokohama can do, as a regional financial institution. The Bank of Yokohama has weathered several challenges over this period, from the receipt of public funds and the collapse of the bubble economy, to the bankruptcy shock of Lehman Brothers. The bank as it stands today has overcome these crises thanks to the tremendous support of our local customers. We are very grateful to all of you.

We established Concordia Financial Group, Ltd. in April 2016 by integrating operations with the Higashi-Nippon Bank, Limited. The Bank of Yokohama recognizes its responsibilities in the local financial system and aims to be trusted by all customers by providing the most suitable financial services to each customer.
In order to realize this, the bank has made efforts to expand our services and increase our contact with our customers, training our dynamic staff based on the Medium-term Management Plan formulated by Concordia Financial Group, Ltd. in April 2016, under the slogan of "One Heart for You ~ 1st Stage ~".
We are expanding our network of branches operating during holidays in Kanagawa prefecture so that our various customers can consult about opening accounts, asset management and housing loans at their convenience, as well as being able to use our branch networks including the Bank of Yokohama and Higashi-Nippon Bank ATMs in Tokyo and Kanagawa. We will furthermore proactively offer new services that make use of financial technology.
We will support business matching among with our corporate customers by utilizing the information networks of the Bank of Yokohama and Higashi-Nippon Bank. We will make our best efforts to assist future growth in areas such as expanding market channels, business diversification and overseas expansion.

In an environment where financial institutions are changing rapidly, the Bank of Yokohama will provide financial services that exceed the expectations of our customers, without being constrained by standard tactics or common practices, aiming to be the most helpful financial institution for our local customers and making rapid progress into a new era.
We sincerely ask for your continued support and patronage.

June 2016
Kenichi Kawamura
Representative Director, President